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UNITAR is owned by UNITAR Capital Sdn. Bhd. and was founded in 1997.


Our Vision

To be the Leading Innovative Social Sciences University


First virtual University in Southeast Asia

We pioneered the use of widescale ICT to deliver higher education, anywhere and at anytime. Today, we continue to be a driving force for innovative learning - converging education and technology - whilst keeping pace with market demands and advancements.


1,953 students have successfully graduated from UNITAR

We provide a wide choice of higher learning studies - from professional certifications through to doctorate degrees.


UNIEC - UNITAR Education Core

Our holistic innovative teaching and learning framework empowers the mind and inspires the soul.


RAISSA ROY AUGUSTINE - Bachelor of Education (Guidance & Counselling) (Hons))

“I am Raissa Roy a/p Augustine. I started my Foundation in Management at University Tun Abdul Razak in June 2011. Following that I joined the UNITAR International University’s Bachelor of Education Guidance & Counselling (HONS) programme and graduated with a First Class Honours. At UNITAR I grew into what I am today. I was taught the values and skills relevant for the workplace. The holistic knowledge which UNITAR equipped me with is very much needed in my current employment. I am motivated not just to become good, but an EXCELLENT Counsellor and a leader of today’s world. “UNITAR is the place where students can achieve their dreams and goals”. This is the place where I discover my potential. Thank you UNITAR.”






To be the leading innovative social sciences university

When you choose UNITAR, you choose to be with the leading innovative social sciences university.

It is UNITAR’s Vision to be “The Leading Innovative Social Science University”. With its origins as among the first Private Universities in Malaysia as well as the first Virtual University in South East Asia since 1997, UNITAR aspires to further innovate particularly in Teaching and Learning within the field of Social Sciences.



To Widen Access to Learning

Access to Learning has been UNITAR’s Core Mission ever since it was established. UNITAR is also one of the few Malaysian universities with an Open Entry license through which we can recognise prior working experience in lieu of academic qualification at the point of entry; this allows many who are already working to attain a better qualification. UNITAR has also collaborated with other Institutions of Higher Learning in various parts of Malaysia to offer its programmes from Foundation to Masters, enabling various students to obtain their qualifications closer to home


To Nurture Wholesome Graduates

  • Learner Outcomes
    1. Producing Thinking and Analytical Graduates
    2. Producing Knowledge Appliers and Solution Providers
    3. Producing Value-based, Socially Responsible Graduates
  • Learner Context
    1. Establish Education and Industry Linkages
    2. Enhance Reciprocal Value with Partners
    3. Establish Clear Academic Differentiation
  • Learning Ecosystem
    1. Establish UNIEC
    2. Enhance Classroom Teaching
    3. Improve System and Processes to support Learning


To Build a Sustainable Business

  • Operational Transformation
    1. Mobilise Operational Restructuring
    2. Undertake Academic Reengineering
    3. Catalyse Mindset Change
  • Process Optimisation
    1. Relook at SOPs to improve Controls and Efficiency
    2. Improvement on Systems
    3. Reconfigure Performance Management
  • Growth Models
    1. Establish Clear Evolutionary Identity
    2. Deepen Current Markets
    3. Establish New Markets



The House of UNITAR is made up of 3 institutions, each with a specific educational agenda:

1. UNITAR International University 

UNITAR International University (UNITAR), owned and managed by UNITAR Capital Sdn Bhd, was founded in 1997 and was the first virtual university in Southeast Asia. Since its inception, it has been a driving force for innovative learning, converging education and technology to keep pace with advancements. Continually on a passionate pursuit of competitive education, it provides a wide choice of higher learning studies and consistent value for money available through conventional and remote teaching designed and delivered within a structured and supportive academic architecture. Business, Technology & Accounting, Education & Communications, Culinary Arts & Tourism, Architecture & Design, Early Childhood Studies, and more, are taught at Foundation, Diploma, Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate levels.

UNITAR’s main campus, situated in urban Kelana Jaya, collaborates with 7 Independent Regional Centres (IRC) to assist a combined nationwide enrollment of 9,000 students in 60 academic programmes. Providing opportunities to develop skills, knowledge and a competitive edge, it is a powerhouse of education and innovation dedicated to putting aspirations to work.

UNITAR Education Core or UNIEC, a 21st teaching and learning framework, helms UNITAR as it continues to journey along embracing education that empowers the mind and inspires the soul -- a simple imperative anchored to UNITAR’s vision of becoming the leading innovative social sciences university.   

UNITAR International University offers a number of academic programmes at the Undergraduate (Foundation, Diploma and Bachelor) and Postgraduate (Master and Doctorate/Ph.D) levels. 

More about our Academic Programmes & Faculties


2. UNITAR College 

UNITAR College is established to lead skill-based education and technical professionals in giving an opportunity to those who wishes to pursue education to a higher level. 

Its offerings include BTEC programmes, Higher National Diploma (HND) UK, Pre-Diploma, CFAB, CAT and TVET programmes.

As UNITAR is also one of the BTEC Approved Centre in Asia, UNITAR College offers Hospitality, Travel & Tourism, Art & Design, Business and Creative Media programmes under the Business Technology Education Council or known as BTEC.

Studying at UNITAR College also provides you that international pathway to Universities worldwide or even practical and soft skills before going to the working world.

UNITAR College offers skill-based education, including BTEC programmes, Higher National Diploma (HND) UK, Pre-Diploma, CFAB, CAT and TVET programmes. 

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3. UNITAR Academy

The subsistence of students and their sense of self
are built on knowledge and education. 
UNITAR has become the preferred means of acquiring both.

UNITAR Academy, UNITAR’s Professional Development Centre, offers continued education and augments professional development opportunities through pertinent and challenging educational programmes.  It plays an essential role in nurturing productive professionals at various career levels and meeting the requirements of current best practices through customizable solutions.

UNITAR Academy offers recognised certifications and qualifications of leading professional organisations such as ACCA and ICAEW.

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