Foundation in Design

N/010/3/0403 (MQA/PA 7506)
Level of Study: 
Faculty of Architecture & Design

The Foundation in Design programme is designed for those without previous design knowledge or experience, and who wish to embark on careers in fields related to art and design. Graduates in this programme are foreseen to be able to directly enter into any Year 1 degree courses concerning aspects of the Art and Design such as Graphic Design, Product Design, Interactive Multimedia, and others.

This programme is designed to provide quality foundational learning experiences and knowledge pursuant to first degrees in professional fields related to the art and design in areas such as multimedia, animation, broadcasting, media production and post-production, advertising, graphic design, software and games design to list a few.

All the programme aims, and educational objectives are in line and support the University Vision “to become the leading innovative social science university in providing widen access to learning locally and internationally, nurturing wholesome graduates through a holistic learning environment and building a sustainable institution”.

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