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Courses Offered

Pre-University Programmes

  • Foundation in Information Technology
  • Foundation in Management
  • Diploma in Accounting
  • Diploma in Business Administration
  • Diploma in Communication Studies
  • Diploma in Culinary Arts
  • Diploma in Early Childhood Educationn
  • Diploma in Hotel Management
  • Diploma in Information Technology
  • Diploma in Tourism Management

Undergraduate Programmes

  • Bachelor of Accounting
  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Communication
  • Bachelor of Culinary Arts
  • Bachelor of Education
  • Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood)
  • Bachelor of English
  • Bachelor of Finance (Islamic Finance)
  • Bachelor of Guidance and Counselling
  • Bachelor of Hospitality Management
  • Bachelor of Information Technology

Postgraduate Programmes

  • Master of Business Administration
  • Master of Education (Early Childhood)
  • Master of Education (Educational Leadership and Management)
  • Master of Education (Guidance and Counselling)
  • Master of Education (Teaching English as a Second Language)
  • Master of Information Technology
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Education
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Business Administration
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Information Technology
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Management

Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL)

Enrol into our programmes and shorten your study duration with prior work experience via APEL-C.


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