UNITAR Career Services Centre aims to provide support to students in terms of enhancing student’s employability skills and assist in clarifying their career pathway by equipping the students through various channels and resources. We form partnership with various companies and employers to bring more industry related topic into the classroom and create opportunities for strategic collaborations with the faculty to develop students with competitive traits and out-of-the-box thinking qualities.

The core services offered by the Centre:
  1. Provide students with information on relevant employability opportunities.
  2. Conduct various workshops and programmes to help prepare the students to be career-ready and prepare them with knowledge of current needs in the industry.
  3. Provide an avenue for the students to connect with employers in the industry.
  4. Build partnerships with various industry partners to optimize opportunities for internships and job placements while at the same time creating collaborations for academic delivery.
Services Offered by UNITAR Career Services Centre
a. Programmes available for students
Get insights on your interest and understand your own strength with engagements from the faculty, industry partners and UNITAR counselors.
  • Career Profiling (Psychometric Assessment by MIMOS)
  • Career Forum
  • Industry Talks/Industry in the Classroom
  • Career Advisory Services
Want to time earn money to ease your financial situation and at the same time learn from professionals in the industry? Secure appointments with our counsellor to know more about the programme below:
  • Work-Study Programme
  • Apprenticeship Programme with Industry Partners (coming soon in 2020)

b. For students before undergo Internship Placements
With the support from UNITAR Industry Partners, get tips, idea and the empowerment from the workshops/training delivered by the experts and professionals in the field. Find out what is the current trends in the industry and skills needed by the employers.
  • Effective Resume Writing
  • Interview Skills Workshop
  • Professional Online Presence
  • Professional Grooming Skills
  • Presentation Skills
For the list of participating companies searching for internship placements, please refer to our career advisor.
For students who have issue to get internship placements, please address your concern here (link:

c. For Final Year and Graduated Students
Your future employers await you! Now is the moment to use your skills and knowledge for the good use. Impress them and you might be climbing the corporate ladder in no time.
  • Career Day
  • Employer Project
  • Professional Online Presence
  • On-site Interview
  • Sub-skilling Training/Workshop
For more information on career services, please email us at
Visit our UNITAR Career Portal through the Student Dashboard (in UNIEC Virtual) to get more information on internship, part time and job placements opportunities.
Become a UNITAR Industry Partner
Employers are welcome to have collaborations and partnership with us. Just drop us an email and we will contact you for further discussion.
  • Internship opportunities
  • Part-time job placements
  • Job opportunities for graduate
  • Academic collaborations
  • Employability Skills Workshop
  • Industry in the Classroom
  • Employer Projects
  • Sponsorship for Events and Awards

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