UNITAR's clubs and societies are run by students, for students. You can join a wide range of clubs and societies depending on your areas of interest:
Student Representatives Council (SRC)
The Student Representative Council (SRC) is the main student governing body in the University, representing the entire student population. It plays a crucial role in connecting students with the administration of the University. Representatives are elected annually through a General Election held by UNITAR.

You may reach your Student Representative Council (SRC) at
UNITAR International Students Society (UISS)
UISS is a forum for international students to get to know other students as well as an avenue for students who are interested in getting together and supporting the needs of international students at UNITAR. The society has organized activities such as Hari Raya and Christmas celebrations to foster greater camaraderie and cross-cultural understanding among students.
Welfare & Community Works
BSS is open to all students from Borneo (Sabah and Sarawak) as well as those from the islands of West Malaysia. BSS is an active society that organizes and takes part in many related activities within and outside the University.

Cultural & Religious Associations
  • UNITAR Muslim Society (UMS)
    UMS brings students of the Muslim faith together, through activities that are in accordance with Islamic teachings. It is also a platform where members can seek to improve their understanding of Islam.
  • UNITAR Indian Society (UIS)
    UIS brings Indian students together, promoting shared fellowship through its activities which focus on Indian culture and heritage.
  • UNITAR Chinese Society (UCS)
    UCS brings Chinese students together, promoting shared fellowship through its activities which focus on Chinese culture and heritage.
  • Duta Budaya Tari (DBT)
    Duta Budaya Tari UNITAR is the University's official cultural team under the Student Affairs Department (STAD) to cultivate interest among students in activities related to culture and heritage. Duta Budaya has introduced several groups in which students will learn and experience the beauty of the rich Malaysian culture, with its many traditions.
Recreational Activities
UNITAR Adventure and Recreational Club (URAC)
URAC welcomes active, fun loving UNITAR students to this fast growing outdoor activities group. URAC focuses on offering all members a wide variety of outdoor, cultural, sporting, travel and social events to participate in. Its mission is to provide members a wide array of fun-filled activities in a relaxed, no-pressure environment to foster social interaction amongst its members. Among the activities organized are jungle tracking, mountain climbing and recreational trips within Malaysia.
Academic Associations
  1. HOST Club (HOST)
    The HOST Club is a University organization with the primary goal of providing social and educational activities for UNITAR students interested in the hospitality and tourism industry. The club has organized many activities for its members including inter-university interactions and external party exchanges.
  2. UFS Darevolution (UFS)
Sport Activities & Martial Arts
The University, through the Sports and Recreation Unit, provides ample facilities for the following sports:
  • Football
  • Futsal
  • Netball
  • Badminton
  • Rugby Club
Martial Arts
Taekwondo Club
The Taekwondo Club brings like-minded martial arts fans together in a competitive, active and social environment. Members can spar and improve their fitness levels in classes that range from conditioning and form-work, to self-defense.