UNIEC (UNITAR Education Core) UNIEC (UNITAR Education Core) refers to UNITAR's Holistic Innovative Learning, which forms the essence of UNITAR's teaching and learning. The student-centric focus is seamless where knowledge transfer can happen anytime, anywhere; and where the conventional engagement between lecturers and students deemed essential for learning can take place on a virtual platform.

UNITAR offers "blended-learning" where student lecturer communication is a mixture of face-to-face contact (known as UNIEC Face) and online interaction (UNIEC Virtual). UNIEC Profiling also allows students to customise their learning environment.

Bringing UNITAR's innovative methods into lectures is the "flipped classroom" concept of teaching, where students review content before the start of a class in order to use class time for hands-on activities with lecturers. This is one example of the many forward-thinking methods used in the UNIEC learning environment.
  • UNIEC Virtual
    The virtual learning platform which offers a combination of tools for communication, collaboration, creation, sharing, analyzing and also customizing (UNIEC Profiling System).
  • UNIEC Face
    Face-to-face interaction that complements virtual learning, strengthening and reinforcing the learning foundation of students.
  • UNIEC Tab
    A tablet will be provided to all UNIEC students, equipped with learning enablers such as e-books, courseware, a Campus Management System and customised mobile apps.
  • UNIEC Space
    Classrooms are designed to support learning in its various forms: co-operative learning, inquiry-based learning, flipped-classrooms, IWV, interactive collaboration and case study learning.
  • UNIEC Live
    Experience video conferences using the UNIEC system via Big Blue Button, on an open source web conferencing platform developed for online learning.