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Special Orientation Event for DBKL MBA Online Sponsored Students and Launch of Project #URSKILLS comprising RM10 Million in Matching Grants
Thursday, September 3, 2020
Special Orientation Event for DBKL MBA Online Sponsored Students and Launch of Project #URSKILLS comprising RM 10 Million in Matching Grants

3 September 2020 - KUALA LUMPUR: UNITAR International University (UNITAR) invited YB Dato’ Sri Dr. Santhara J.P, Deputy Minister of Federal Territories, along with YBhg. Dato’ Nor Hisham Bin A. Dahlan, Mayor of Kuala Lumpur and employees from Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL) for a Special Orientation event for twenty-one (21) DBKL MBA Online Sponsored students. With a great importance placed on the development of high-potential candidates, DBKL were looking for an institution that could provide quality tertiary education that fit their needs. UNITAR’s customized Online Master of Business Administration creates the pathway to hone entrepreneurial skills and places a strong emphasis on work-based projects to drive practical learning and problem-solving skills. This MBA will also include experiential learning labs to gain further knowledge on industry trends and best practices.

In tandem with this, UNITAR has launched Project #URSKILLS, an initiative to assist in the economic recovery of Malaysia. The objective of this project is to provide opportunities for Malaysians to increase their employability and assist in building their careers amid the ever-changing workplace.

“In the current state of events in the world, we know that education will play a vital role in the economic recovery of Malaysia. To date, since the MCO period started, UNITAR has awarded RM 1.6 Million in matching grants and scholarships to all Malaysians to pursue their higher education at our University. With that in mind, UNITAR launched this new project in alignment with the PENJANA economic recovery plan. Project #URSKILLS will comprise of RM 10 Million in matching grants and scholarships to ensure that all Malaysians have access to quality education, paving the way for their future careers. These grants are aligned with the company’s mission to create a positive social impact on the Malaysian community,” said Mr. Puvan Balachandran, Chief Executive Officer of UNITAR.  

In focus on Project #URSKILLS, a host of programmes and courses centered on upskilling Malaysians for the workforce to help improve and expand their skill sets will be introduced. “We have analyzed the current skill gaps in the workforce and identified a few areas of focus to have a strong impact. Industry 4.0 is a new phase in the Industrial Revolution that focuses heavily on interconnectivity, automation, machine learning, and real-time data,” said Professor Dr. Noor Raihan Ab Hamid, Vice Chancellor of UNITAR International University.

According to Professor Raihan, throughout this project, UNITAR will introduce over 50 programmes covering the topics of digital marketing, entrepreneurship, data science and culinary arts – all areas that will prove to be vital in the recovery period. UNITAR strives to ensure that all Malaysians can benefit from these programmes, both in the short-term and in the long-term.