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UNITAR Covid-19 Update 9 : Hostel Fee for the month of April and May 2020
Wednesday, April 15, 2020
For the current affected hostel residents who are unable to return to their own residence due to Movement Control Order (MCO), the University has decided to waive and absorb the rentals for the month of April 2020 and May 2020. The rental waiver is also applicable to those who have returned to their hometown and is not residing in Hostel during the MCO period.

To enjoy the rental waiver, students are required to settle all outstanding hostel rentals up to March 2020.

For those who intend to return to UNITAR Hostel from their home residence as soon as MCO is lifted and Higher Learning Institutions are allowed to resume physical operations, kindly inform your hostel warden and the rental will be collected per usual.
Students are strongly advised to continue to remain where they are (either in own residence or hostel), especially for the first 7 weeks of classes which will be conducted online. Further information on delivery methods from week 8 onward will be communicated in line with guidelines & clearances given by the government.
For those who are currently in hostel, you will be continued to be supplied with meals throughout this MCO period. Kindly practise personal hygiene and upkeep the cleanliness of your accommodation at all times and contact person in charge below for any emergency.
En Farizudin (Hostel Warden)
m: 013-953 0870
En Izzuddin (Hostel Warden)
m: 012-912 5484
En Aziz Wu (Student Services)
m: 012-637 0297
En Azahari  (Student Services)
m: 016-368 9854
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