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Work From Home Tips-Too obvious to warrant a read?
Friday, March 27, 2020
Too obvious to warrant a read?
Due to the recent Covid-19 outbreak, most office workers are required to work from home. Here are 6 obvious but often overlooked components that you should pay attention to while working from home.
1. Workspace
In preparing a workspace in your home, find a suitable spot that allows you to have enough space for your laptops, mobile phones, files, books and anything else that is required for your daily workflow. Moving around to get hold of your essential items will have a negative impact on your focus and concentration levels. Keep everything close to you.
2. Stick to your routine
Dressing up like you are going to work would really help you! It may sound downright ridiculous but it could help you 'get into character'. Dressing too casually might cause you to drift away into another zone (and if you're wondering, yes, we do know how the Googles and Apples of they world operate!)
3. Take breaks, as usual
Just like normal working hours, you should only head for lunch when it is lunch time and do inform you colleague if you are taking a toilet break. Not being contactable while working remotely can be frustrating and lead others into thinking you are snoozing. That will be grossly unfair towards you unless.....
4. Connectivity
Having internet connection alone isn't sufficient. Ensure that it is good enough and does not buffer while you are on a virtual call with your team. You're dragging the whole team down with you if you are paced differently. If needed, upgrade your connection package that you have or try choosing another location within the house.
5. Communication
We are not talking about one of those overly-emphasized communication skills. This is a totally different ballgame. With limited body language and gestures to assist you, be sure to focus on clarity when communicating. Be clear and direct about the information you wish to convey and be certain about what is required of you. Ask for clarification, if needed. It's okay to expect others to repeat, and repeat..till you get it!
6. Work In Progress
Before calling it a day, it is best to work on follow ups and recap what you have done throughout the day with your team. Write down your to-do list and keep track of everything that is still W.I.P (work in progress). This is most likely a new zone for you, and it's possible that you might overlook the most obvious of things. I'm sure you would have experienced this at last once in the past week!
Too obvious to warrant a read? Think again!