UNITAR International University Undergraduate Degree

Bachelor of Accounting is a programme that focuses on the principles of accounting and other functional areas of business administration. The programme structure provides an introduction to financial accounting and management, finance as well as business law and statistics, allowing students to develop skills that are fundamental to an organisation.
Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) is a broad business degree that gives students the opportunity to gain comprehensive understanding of management and professional practices. Areas ranging from principles of management, to accounting and marketing, extend knowledge and increase the employability of graduates in this field.
Bachelor of Communication (Hons) is an interesting area of study encompassing several disciplines. Students develop an understanding of the different forms of communication, including interpersonal, intercultural and business communication, together with the various technologies through which information is communicated.
Bachelor of Culinary Arts is a study in the broad areas of food preparation, cooking methods and technologies used in the production of food. This course prepares students to enter into and manage culinary businesses in an increasingly globally competitive environment.
Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education) (Hons) is a course aimed at providing the skills needed to engage children in creative ways including through communication and play. The areas of study prepare students to enter the teaching profession in early childhood centres or preschools and also other rewarding career options that involve working with young minds.
Bachelor of Education (Hons) provides insight into various areas within the wide field of education. Students will learn communication and critical thinking skills as well as management and leadership in education. Today, educators are one of the most valued professional groups, making this course especially important for educators of the future.
Bachelor of English (Hons) is a programme that helps students to unveil the layers of linguistic functions of the English Language. The course includes literature, writing and history as part of its approach to provide an in-depth understanding of the power and impact that a language has within various social and professional settings.
Bachelor of Finance (Islamic Finance) (Hons) will introduce students to the nature of Islamic law as it relates to finance and economics. Students will gain insight into the fundamental differences between conventional and Islamic banking, investment planning and other financial areas that play an important role in today’s world of Islamic finance.
Bachelor of Guidance and Counselling (Hons) is a course where students learn to read and understand human psyche and the different counselling techniques that can be applied. Graduates acquire skills in guiding, counselling and helping others to develop self-understanding in order to attain better mental wellness.
Bachelor of Hospitality Management (Hons) prepares students for a wide range of careers in the hospitality industry through its multi-disciplinary course, ranging from hotel management to event planning & management. Graduates will be exposed to the theoretical and practical aspect of hospitality including communication, service management and planning.
Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons) is a cutting-edge course that reflects today’s emerging technologies in its study of areas such as information security management and computer networking. Graduates will emerge into a rapidly growing market with the skills needed to work with business information systems.
Bachelor of Management (Hons) introduces students to the wide body of knowledge required of future business managers. Principles of marketing, accounting and other areas such as management of human resources and cross-cultural interrelations are just some of the areas that graduates will find apply in real life managerial positions.
Graduates of this programme will be prepared to coordinate the resources of the workplace and the community in order to meet the needs of clients. It also helps graduates acquire the knowledge, skills, abilities and behaviours needed as a psychologist.