UNITAR International University Undergraduate Diploma

Diploma in Accounting provides a solid foundation of knowledge in the areas of accounting and other functional areas of business that are relevant in the preparation of accounts and financial reports. This programme is also a step towards a professional degree in accounting and a productive career in related financial fields.
The Diploma in Animation Design is designed to provide skills of animation and design expertise to work in the multimedia industry. Develop creative skills in the use of the most elegant tools. Understand of the principles and development of the team projects for industry and apply the skills in real world practice.
Diploma in Business Administration is a versatile course that provides students with general business knowledge and the soft skills needed to work within a business environment. A cross section of subjects from finance and accounting to interpersonal and communication skills will help to prepare students for the world of corporate management.
Diploma in Communication Studies is designed for those who would like to understand and appreciate the various media channels and forms of communication. The programme also provides students with the necessary skillsets that they would need in the field of communication such as Journalism, Creative Thinking, Public Speaking and more.
Diploma in Culinary Arts is designed to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills in food service and culinary management, particularly in the hotel and restaurant industry. Besides lessons in food preparation, this programme covers the spectrum of marketing and human resource management to purchasing and cost control, for a successful career in this field.
Diploma in Early Childhood Education is ideal for those who are interested in working in the early childhood services sector. This programme will provide students with the skills necessary to plan and implement children’s curriculums, and handle the complex requirements in running early childhood facilities.
The Diploma in Fashion Design is designed to provide skills of fashion designing and fabrication. It is a fully project-based course which offers an exquisite standard of broad-based knowledge to develop  creative awareness and advanced understanding of fashion and textile industry. The students will be introduced to its art and design cycles which consist of drawing, sewing technical and material science via ‘real-world classrooms’, hands-on exercises and industrial equipment as well as Web 2.0 applications.
Diploma in Hotel Management opens the doors to employment across many areas in the hotel industry, including front office and housekeeping operations, food and beverage services, and customer relations. This programme aims to ensure that students acquire the many skills and supporting knowledge necessary to operate a small business or run a large chain of hotels.
Diploma in Information Technology helps students to develop greater knowledge and enterprise skills to manage and deliver results in the field of information technology. From the fundamentals of mathematics and programming to algorithms and data structures, this programme explores a cross section of areas in this rapidly developing industry.
The Diploma in Interior Design is designed to provide skills of designing the interior of a spaces that can be functional as well as driven out the aesthetic values of the space. In the studio, students use digital and manual means to research and recommend design alterations and renovations that give existing buildings new life.
The Diploma in Logistics Management Program will develop your skills in managing the flow of goods and information in the supply chain. It will help you to gain better understanding of the flow of production and distribution in ensuring smooth circulation for both goods and information between manufacturers, suppliers, service providers, retailers and consumers. A good communication skills and strong analytical mind are important skills needed in this industry.
The diploma programme in pastry arts will equip you with the fundamentals of pastry making, right up to creating complex confectioneries, preparing you well for a career in the baking industry. You will be guided in the baking and pastry operations, practical hands-on and theoretical training in the areas of pastry, bakery, and confectionery production.
Our programme is designed to produce assistant psychologists who are prepared to address intellectual, emotional, social and psychological needs of individuals. Students will be trained in three aspects: Theoretical, Industry-Based Project, and Internship Training.
Diploma in Tourism Management is a broad ranging programme that helps students to deepen their knowledge in the tourism industry. The courses include basics of management, marketing and transportation as part of its theoretical and practical approach to provide students with comprehensive understanding in the combined disciplines of tourism and management.