UNITAR International University Postgraduate Doctorate

Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration will help students develop advanced research skills useful for a career in academics or other positions of employment where systematic, critical and analytical skills are required. Take your career to a new level upon completion of an original thesis required at the end of the course.
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Education offers students the opportunity to make a mark by contributing to existing knowledge with their own thoughts and angle of interpreting findings in a new light. Under academic supervision, an original thesis will be completed at the end of the course, using the knowledge and skills the students learnt during the programme.
Doctor of Philosophy (Information Technology) is a full-research doctoral programme that gives students the opportunity to explore a topic of their choice with a supervising expert in that field. The final deliverable for the course is a prototype system which will allow students ample opportunity to feed their naturally inquiring minds and passion for problem solving.
Doctor of Philosophy in Management gives students the opportunity to research, conceptualize and implement an independent, original project. Management skills, the ability to organize resources and work as a team as well as independently, culminate at the end of the course in a thesis that is the product of new knowledge and enlightened awareness.