UNITAR International University Postgraduate Master

Master of Business Administration equips today’s degree holders with the knowledge and leadership skills necessary in higher management roles. Subjects covering topics such as competitive intelligence are balanced with corporate ethics, providing graduates the ability to engage in challenging corporate environments with principle and integrity.
Master of Education (Early Childhood Education) provides the opportunity for students to delve further into what it takes to successfully guide and teach children. Students analyse and do qualitative research as part of the course, learning to determine the critical factors that affect the emotional, social and intellectual development of children in the early years.
Master of Education (Educational Leadership & Management) helps students gain a strong foundation in education theory and research, culminating in a project paper at the end of the course. The course structure is ideal for those who want to develop specialized knowledge and skills in educational leadership, research and other areas related to education management.
Master of Education (Guidance & Counselling) is a particularly ideal course for those who want to extend their teaching career into the field of guidance and counselling. Advanced counselling and appraisal techniques as well as cross cultural counselling are some of the subjects that will be useful not only for guidance counsellors but for those who work in the human resource sector.
Master of Education (Teaching of English as a Second Language) is ideal for those who want to gain a specialized knowledge in teaching English to others, where English is not their mother tongue. Through the modules offered, students will develop a deeper understanding of the core principles of teaching and learning the English Language.
The course is designed and delivered by an industry-experienced team of academic staff, guest lecturers from industry experts, the use and familiarisation with online and video technologies, field trips and the opportunity to participate in real life consulting projects. The programme is based on a strong industry orientation that will equip you with sophisticated, cutting edge management tools and techniques to deal with challenges in the dynamic hospitality industry.
Master of Information Technology provides the knowledge and skills required to design, develop and maintain systems using advanced technologies and methodologies. Students can delve into greater depth into areas such as computer networking, software development and multimedia programming, all of which are highly marketable areas to future employers.